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A virtual space in which you and your accountant can communicate and share files.

Add your accounting firm and gain time to grow your business. Think strategically!

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Collaborate intelligently with
your accountant and team

Cassa is a modern and intuitive application that aims to make life easier for entrepreneurs by creating a new digital environment for collaboration with their accountants.

If up until now you used several communication channels to keep in touch with the accounting team and you want an accounting application directly on the phone, then Cassa is for you and your business.

Cassa is for you if...

You are an entrepreneur

You want a more efficient communication with your accountant and team.

You recognize the opportunities

You want more organization

Your documents are scattered everywhere

You’re tired of sending documents every month

It’s hard for you to get ahold of your accountant when you need him

You want to know in real time how you are doing with the company’s finances

You want your documents to be just a click away

Benefits of Cassa

Interactive communication feed

Or a social network for you and your accountant. Super friendly, super interactive and super fun.

Sending messages and emails with documents turns from obligation into fun.
The application allows you to communicate in real time with the accounting team, but also with your employees through a dedicated individual business network.

Unlimited number of users

Simple to use and efficient

An individual communication channel

A 6 figure turnover is sexy, but have you ever had a happy accountant?

Automatic electronic archiving of documents in the cloud

You can upload directly to CASSA all the invoices, receipt, contracts and certificates of your company – shortly, all documents have a place in the electronic archive of the application.

Unitary and secure storage of company documents

Smart search function

Permanent access to the archive

10 search filters

More useful than any other alternative

Military-grade security

Financial Reports

Through the Cassa platform you have real-time access to your company’s financial and administrative information. he summaries of income and expenses are segmented so that you can be constantly informed of what you have to collect, whatyou have to pay and what profit you can expect.

Annual financial dashboard at-a-glance

Monthly income and expenditure reports

Monthly profit report

42 financial indicators in entrepreneurial language

Fast and free invoicing

CASSA allows you to bill quickly and for free. You will no longer have to send any invoices to the accounting team – the information will be available directly in the application.

Simplified and free invoicing

Permanent access to invoices for the accountant

Secure storage of invoices

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

IDP is a technology dedicated to your accountant for efficient processing of your documents. Help your accountant help you by giving him this functionality for free.

Over 1500 entrepreneurs use CASSA together with their accountants!

Try Cassa

The first 500 accounts are free

Get free access to the CASSA application for 3 months.

No more lost mail in your inbox. he CASSA application allows you to communicate in real time with both employees and your accounting team through an interactive feed with real-time updates.

Simple to use and efficient

Unlimited number of users

Individual communication channel

500 accounts left

How much does it cost?

Once you are convinced of the benefits, you can buy CASSA for only 3.5 euros / month per company! Your company’s manager, financial officer, administrative assistant, shareholder, and any other company stakeholder will be able to access the platform.

BONUS: The user account for the accounting partner company is FREE.

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